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      Ichem consultants deliver premier solutions in analytical chemistry. Method development, validation, and laboratory optimization services are available. Our team also possesses extensive experience serving the cannabis industry with new lab buildouts, and state licensing for full panel screening of cannabis products.

With over a decade of manufacturer representative service experience, Ichem Consultants can provide routine maintenance, troubleshooting and onsite repair of your analytical instrumentation. Fast response times and rates well below instrument manufacturers make Ichem Consultants the smart choice for all your service needs.

From conception to validation, development of new analytical techniques is streamlined relying on many years of analytical experience. Optimize existing techniques. Develop new techniques. Modernize old techniques to reflect upgrades to equipment. Work with your auditors to validate analytical techniques that satisfy regulatory requirements.

Installation and operational qualification services (IQ/OQ) for your analytical systems. Consult with our experts to develop testing protocols to meet your specific requirements and rely on our expertise to deliver professional compliance services.

Analysis of cannabis and cannabis infused products is a complicated analytical technique. Relying on the years of experience spent establishing multiple cannabis testing laboratories in California, Arizona, and Michigan makes the team at Ichem Consultants an industry leader in this advanced analytical technique.